Smartbeat - Know your customer, Grow your business
  • How well do you know
    your customers?
  • Are your customers
    Raving Fans!
  • We connect you
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Know your customers, grow your business.
Connecting retailers to customers using world-first technology.
Watch our video and meet Jim and Jane
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Know your Customer, Grow your Business
To help you connect with your customers, understand them better and provide a 'Remarkable' experience for them, Smartbeat can guide you.
  • Get up-close and personal - engage with existing and potential customers.
  • Let your customers tell YOU who they are and what they want.
  • Get ahead! Identify opportunities before your competitors.
Take Action
  • Fire-up your own customizable and affordable marketing machine.
  • Watch your campaigns ripple across omni-channels.
  • Turn data into actionable insights.
  • Engage and delight with tailored campaigns.
  • Real-time evaluation of your marketing efforts.
  • Win more hearts.
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Grow your Business
A sneak peak at our BPM (Business Pulse Monitor)
Data is so yesterday, Action is the future!

Your Raving Fan,
Jim... and Jane... and Joe...

We help you find new customers for your business... from the thousands you already have.

How many of the customers that ebb and flow through your store do you really know? You know your regulars but how do we get to know the ‘not so regulars’?

How's That?

Using world-first technology, and very little effort on your behalf, you can get to know your ‘Not-So-Regulars’ so they become new ‘Regulars’. Using our simple, automated ‘Getting to Know You’ process, your Passersby become Visitors then Regulars and Raving Fans.

Who & what are Raving Fans?

Raving Fans are the core of your business. They support your business by visiting and purchasing regularly, talking about your business to friends and on social media.

Smartbeat is a Perth based startup simplifying online marketing technology for business owners.

Action driven, results focused, collaborative and accountable, the Smartbeat cloud-based platform measures the Pulse of your business, online as well as genuine footfall through your door. Our 90 Day Action Plan keeps you on track and connects you to local customers looking for your goods & services... your ‘Raving Fans’.

Some cool, simple numbers

How Raving Fans can grow your business

Where are those numbers from?

Average weekly Australian household costs: $20 - bakery products; $32 - meals in restaurants; $7 - shoes; $13 - household appliances; $12 - mobile phone; $9 - child care; $14 - audio visual equipment; $9 - books & newspapers; $52 - holidays; $11 - animal expenses; $11 - personal care; $20 - health practitioners.
Sources:; Australian Bureau of Statistics Household Expenditure Survey, 2009-10.

Something of....
Who are these unmasked Crusaders

Welcome to the 'Innovation Boom' or the 'Idea's' boom (for the 'Idea's men' & women in the audience) a new 'Boom' to fill a big void. With this, small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the land have been dragged into the limelight to be the savours of this troubled economy.

We're going to need all the help we can get!

The team at Smartbeat believe it's time to embrace change and technology, foster innovation, change the status quo and engage with your customers. We are working hard to build an application that simplifies the latest technology to help you, the SMB owner, and your customers communicate and build healthy, longterm relationships.... and businesses

Doing it a bit differently

The traditional advertising model is broken, everyone is tired of pushy advertising, spammy emails and telemarketers. BUT, we do want to know about cool, exciting new products that we're interested in, but we don't want to be sold to.

Let's change the way we communicate with our customers, let's embrace them and give them an awesome experience. Let's build businesses that provide awesome products and services by connecting them to people who are looking for their awesome product.

It takes a village to grow a business and businesses to grow a country. Let's do it together, let's change the world!

Simplicity is complexity resolved
Interesting Fan Facts
The real value of your True Fans
of your Loyal Regulars willVisit More Frequently
Will use a Wifi coupon(direct mail converts less than 2%)
Spent per year on morning coffee
Avg spend per headwhen eating out
Getting Social
Build your customer community, not just the mailing list
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