Changing an advertising Status Quo.

by re-imaging an old friend.

As SaaS focused, software development company and like an good tech startup, we're not adverse to a bit of disruption. But, unlike a well know supermarket, sadly re-imaging a Status Quo classic, we’re in the process of changing a 'Status Quo' in the multi billion dollar advertising industry.

What is this Status Quo?

You will have heard the old adage:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half”

While this was coined back in the late 1800’s by John Wanamaker (said to be the 'pioneer in marketing'), this still rings true today. While we're getting better at this online, what about offline? How do we measure advertising spend to bricks and mortar businesses?

The problem is a basic marketing formula is broken.

The formula goes like this: Create an Advert... Distribute to channels… Measure the results... report on the ROI.

Seems easy enough, BUT, like any formula, without all of the variables it is broken and as Mr Wannamaker eludes to, measuring results on advertising is difficult. So the Status Quo remains. We’re getting better at it online but this is only a small piece of the overall global retail spend. So how do we measure advertising effort into bricks and mortar business?

Imagine all the people...

Indulge me for a few sentences and imagine if there was a platform that connected customers from an advert (online or offline) to a business with one click at the time they were considering a purchase.

No APP download, no QR codes or in-store tablet or touch screen required... Just One click... On their own phone.

Imagine also, from this click, they received personalised content allowing them to do a whole range of things.

For example:

  • Access a coupon or offer they had seen online
  • Order from a menu in your store
  • Browse a virtual brochure or catalogue while browsing your merchandise
  • Register for an event or sign up to a class
  • Download an APP from the APP Store
  • Or simply access public WiFi
What if I told you this platform is already out there.

and it has some pretty good traction. Actually it has millions of people using it every day around the world and I'd wager you are among them. The only problem is it only does one thing… WiFi.

At Smartbeat we have re-imagined WiFi and have developed some patent pending technology that opens the door to turning the humble, lovable WiFi into much more than just WiFi. We have called it “WiFi as a Platform” or WaaP (we're  a tech startup, there has to be an acronym)

Why is this cool?

Because WiFi is an accepted part of our tech landscape and is well within the digital know how of most people, it’s an easy step to use it for a lot more than 'just' WiFi.

Making it easy to connect to customers on their phones also allows us to measure their interactions the same way we can measure interaction online ie. (for the marketers) WE CAN PIXEL!

Which brings us back to our formula, the missing variable and why we believe we can change this old status quo!


How does this mean to you?

We’ve been running this in a few innovative retailers around Perth over the past 6 months and we're now ready for our early adopters to jump on board.

We’re looking for empathic marketers & ad agencies that want to be able to show some ROI for their brick & mortar clients footfall in-store.

We’re looking for creative thinkers to imagine what else we can do with this re-imagined technology.

We’re looking for astute investors who want to join our journey, that have experience, knowledge and connections to open the right doors for us and help us commercialise this global opportunity.  

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